Village of The Vaux, in France

I now live in Canada, it’s been my new home for 10 years, but every now and then I’m flying back home to France, to see my family and friends.

In October 2016, I went back and spent 10 days there. I was a tourist in my hometown, it was awesome !!

My family own a piece of property in a village named Le Vaux, it’s located about 40 km south-east of Toulouse, and it’s a rural area. Beautiful landscapes, beautiful wooden land, in the fall, it’s foggy and mysterious …… The village where their house sits, is a medieval place, the castle was built in the last millenium, and has a long history of battles, and losses, and victories ……

I have taken a few pictures of this place because I must say that I miss history, in Canada, there is not much, and I was born and raised on the old continent …..history is part of my culture.

Here is one image I took, I edited as I felt it looked best :


A picture a day : 40

Snow day in the Comox Valley today. 

The forecast called for 15 cm of snow and didn’t disappoint! 

A few college students got surprised by the slippery road and their car ended up in the ditch. We stopped and asked them if they needed a pull, they were happy kids, smiling and they politely declined. 

A beautiful white day 

A picture a day : 39

Today we took the dogs to the Northeast woods in Comox. 

I love this trail system, we go there almost everyday. 

There is a lot of little ponds, large puddles, water here and there that make Taz and Lexy happy. 

Today all were frozen, it’s cold outside ! 

More information about this great area here East woods